Monday, December 29, 2008


This Christmas was the best Christmas we have had in a few years! Dylan is at such a great age, and had so much fun opening his presents. He was thankful for all of his gifts, and as he opened each one, he wouls say "WOW!" We had our friends the Cash's over for brunch, and Dylan and Ethan ran around in thier PJs pulling each other around in Dylan's new sled, that they both call a boat. After eating lots of yummy food, we played our new Office trivia game with Dan and Amanda. It was really fun once we figured out how to play it. Here's a few pics from the day:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, some of you may noticed that it had been a little while since I have written a blog. I'm not real great at keeping up with it anyway, but it really has been a while. I also promised pics of my finished kitchen, unfortunately, it's not finished yet! But, I have a great excuse- I am pregnant!! My midwife says I am due sometime between June 28th and July 13th. So for now, I am going with July 7th. We'll see how close I am once I have an ultrasound sometime in Feb :)

So far this pregnancy is very similar to Dylan's. I am nauseous (and tired) most of the time, and it gets worse at night. I also already have terrible back pain, just like with Dylan. I am really absent minded too- I think "pregnancy brain" hit earlier this time! It's amazing how much more challenging it is to be pregnant with a toddler running around! He just doesn't understand why I'm too tired to play as much as we used to. 

One plus with this pregnancy is that I'm not working full time. I don't know how I could possibly be working 40 hrs plus take care of the house and Dylan. Jason still has to pick up a lot more of the household chores anyways!! I can't wait to be out of this beginning stage, I must admit I forgot how horrible it is. We have an appointment in a few weeks where we will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I can't wait!!! 

I'm not sure how coherent this blog has been, but I'm pregnant, so you can't expect much from me- haha