Monday, June 16, 2008


Dylan is developing quite a vocabulary. He is pretty good at pronunciation, but he has a few words unique just to himself:

  • wa-wee = water
  • night-night = the name for his blanket & "i'm tired"
  • bubbles = grapes, apples, any fruit that is slightly round
  • nani = banana
  • doggy = any 4-legged animal (besides a cat)
  • ee = the name of every letter in the alphabet song
  • fruck = any4-wheeled vehicle (he used to say truck- now it's fruck- which can get a few strange looks from people who didn't quite hear him correctly!!)
  • jew = juice or milk (he prefers juice)
  • la-la = his babysitter Eila
  • Diggy = his best friend Ethan (Ethan calls Dylan Diggy also, so we are trying to teach Dylan to say Iggy)