Saturday, September 19, 2009

Celebrating 7 years

Jason and I had our 7 year anniversary on August 24th. We celebrated this week by going to Toronto to see U2 on Wednesday and Niagara Falls on Thursday. We took Owen with us , while Dylan stayed home with Jason's parents. Taking Owen went well- thanks to our sleepy wrap and his Peltor Kid earmuffs :) Not that taking him didn't have it's challenges- the biggest of which was changing his poopy diaper on my lap in a bathroom stall!! I can definitly say I have never been stared at so much in my life- walking around with a baby straped to your body at a huge concert really draws attention. I even had someone ask if they could take a picture! It was like I was famous or something :) The concert itself was amazing- for a more deatiled account of the concert, you can check Jaason's facebook. Parking for the concert was a nightmar, and we ended up finding a parking garage attached to a soho hotel/condominium complex. To get down to our truck we had to take an elevator from inside to hotel. When we got into the elevator, there were 3 other people in it going to thier cars as well. They started talking to us about taking Owen to the concert, and I realized we were taling to Peter Gallager! (the Dad from the show The OC) He and his friends were sooo nice and he just acted like he was a normal person. He was really down to earth and friendly. So that was an fun and unexpected end to our evening :)

We drove to Niagara Falls after the concert and stayed there for the night. We spent the day there and had a great time just walking around taking it all in. We rode the Maid of the Mist, where we got totally soaked- and we weren't even on the top of the boat.

Here are some pics of our trip:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st day of preschool

Today was Dylan's first day of preschool! He is going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-11:30. Last Thursday we visited his classroom for an open house, and he was a little unsure, but by the end he was having fun. I'm really glad we went last week, because today he had very little hesitaiotn before walking in and making himslef at home. When I picked him up at the end of the day he didn't want to leave, and was all smiles. So, we made it through the day with no tears from anyone :) Here are a few pics of the big day:

Dylan and Ethan stomping in the dirt outside the school

He was very concerned about the missing egg

He's actually standing right in front of the fish he colored, so you can't see it :(